Ultimate Guide To Planning A Trip To Komodo National Park

At Komodo National Park, you don’t just acquire all that sand in your feet, the beautiful viewpoints of the ocean, and the sun kissing your skin. You’ll also obtain to observe risky dragons up close, dive and snorkel to find impressive undersea scenery, and consume the very most unusual and mouth watering meals you’ve ever before savored.

If you’re presently hyped up, therefore are we. This guide is actually mosting likely to be your brand-new best friend as our experts take you on your first trip to Komodo National Park.


Where is Komodo National Park? The playground is actually comprised of numerous isles, three of which are actually the ones patronized through vacationers the most considering that of the activities to perform, the views to check out, and of program, to visit the Komodo dragons.

The three isles are actually such as Komodo Island, Rinca Island, and Padar Island. Individuals believe that seeing Komodo Island is the only technique you’ll come to observe the biggest lizard worldwide, which is the Komodo dragon. But these lovely however, risky critters can be observed in Rinca Island, also. If you’re certainly there to view Komodo monsters, Komodo and Rinca Island are actually the only 2 islands in the playground that allows and entertains visitors.

Besides the dragon playground, a collection of creatures both ashore and mixed-up, plants, and fauna can easily likewise be cherished as Komodo National Park is a stunning area to look into.

The most effective opportunity to go there is in between April and December where the storm won’t ruin your visit. There are actually still wet climates in between those months, but they’re not as frequent like they remain in December.

If you’re a lot more curious about viewing the Komodo Dragons, do take note that their breeding period is actually from July to August and their nesting period is actually coming from September to November, so you might spot a few of them throughout these times.


There are actually numerous ways to reach Komodo National Park. You will have to get to Labuan Bajo to begin with, which lies in Flores Island. Think about it as the very first cease prior to you connect with the 3 significant islands in Komodo National Park.

The quickest, most safe, and a lot of convenient method to come to Labuan Bajo is by sky. You may fly from the numerous principal Indonesian isles such as Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar, and Praya. Airlines recurring Flores Island daily, so you do not need to fret about recording yet another trip if you miss a journey.

You might likewise take a ferry excursion from Bali to Labuan Bajo, however it is actually certainly not wise considering that it takes 36 hrs to reach Flores Island. The trip may additionally be actually rough. It may be a budgeted way of traveling, but you will be spending a night at sea which might be a wild-goose chase for some that want to reach their location and spend that extra evening in Labuan Bajo currently.


To obtain to Komodo National Park coming from Bali, you might take a plane vacation to soar to Labuan Bajo. The airport that is actually found on this island is actually Komodo Airport.


It is actually highly encouraged to schedule every one of your cottages and activities at Labuan Bajo. Think of it as your home base. You can easily go island jumping, snorkel or scuba diving, swim with the manta radiations, and view Komodo monsters on other isles. But at the end of the day, you come back to Labuan Bajo to relax considering that the city is total with conveniences, bistros, and other traveler necessities.

It is at Labuan Bajo that you’ll likewise book the excursions that are going to take you to Komodo National Park. The tourist guide will be in charge of taking you around the isles.

For a list of trips, our company suggest booking at Le Pirate Tours, where you may navigate around the isle at your own rate. You may schedule for a day or around 3 times. The longer your visit is going to be, the better the packages they’ll supply.

You may also prefer to check out reserving activities and excursions at Viator. You’ll be actually able to acquire an in-depth schedule and referrals based on evaluations.

Through booking through excursions, felt confident that you may check out Komodo National Park safely and conveniently.


You will never lose tasks while you’re in Komodo National Park. You’ll possess all form of traits to do, and these tasks are catered to various rate of interests. Whether you’re the adventurous type or the recreation vacationer, there is actually something for you to delight in.


Among the explanations people head to Indonesia is actually to see Komodo National Park. This is actually where you can easily find Komodo dragons up close, take a few pictures of them, and witness their way of living on the island.

It is actually best to possess a tourist guide around when you’re exploring the playground. This is to guarantee your protection and to get the total historical info about the island. Your tours ought to cover all necessary expenses including admittance fees to the park, a tour guide, and a boat that will definitely be taking you around the isles.


Hiking up Padar Island is actually an excellent encounter. The trek is actually tiring and fairly a challenge therefore deliver your most comfy exploring footwear. You’ll be awarded through the most impressive viewpoints of the isle that you’ll overlook about exactly how wearing down the trip was actually the moment you reach the point of view. Padar Island and its own perspective are actually likewise major scenic tourist attractions you can easily not miss while you’re discovering Komodo National Park.


Diving is actually a should when you’re in Komodo Island. It is actually like going to an underwater amusement park. You’ll come to see tortoises, fishes, and manta rays up close like you’ve never ever watched all of them in the past.

Again, signing up with a scenic tour for scuba diving is actually highly recommended as this will certainly be safer and easier. Trips including Ora Dive, Blue Marlin Komodo, and Manta Dive are going to allow you join their crews. If you’re brand new to this task or you can easily participate in an innovative one if you’re actually well-experienced, they even offer general training programs.


Take your scuba diving knowledge to the following level through going on a liveaboard. This activity is like scuba diving, but it reaches longer given that you can invest 3 evenings to around 2 full weeks on the watercraft. The liveaboard is going to not merely take you to Komodo Island yet Padar, Rinca, and Flores, extremely.

Manta radiation discoveries are actually the highlight in a liveaboard vacation, yet the best sightings are in the course of December and February. One other critter that you might detect includes the mola mola, which is actually referred to as a sea sunfish.

If looking into underwater rather than on land is your thing, take the liveaboard and delight in the best scuba diving knowledge you’ll possibly possess.


Renting a speedboat to visit some of the small isles and sandbars in Komodo National Park is a treat if you’re prepared to spend lavishly a little bit of. These lovely sandbars are a fantastic method to possess a part of the isle all to on your own.

The three islands are actually particularly Komodo Island, Rinca Island, and Padar Island. Individuals presume that seeing Komodo Island is actually the only means you’ll acquire to find the most extensive reptile in the planet, which is the Komodo monster. Komodo and Rinca Island are the only pair of isles in the playground that enables and entertains website visitors if you’re there certainly to find Komodo monsters.

You can go island hopping, snorkel or scuba diving, swim along with the manta radiations, and view Komodo dragons on various other islands. Padar Island and its own view are likewise primary beautiful tourist attractions you may not overlook while you’re looking into Komodo National Park.

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