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"With your support,
we can build a nation"
-Joy Buolamwini, Founder

  • "With your support,
    we can build a nation"
    Joy Buolamwini, Founder

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Zamrize empowers youth to become creators of technology through lab-based integrative computational experiences that focus on exposure, education, and entrepreneurship. Zamrize accelerates the work of local organizations in the African country of Zambia to ensure diverse participation in the new technology economy.

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Joy Buolamwini

Executive Director



Business & Operations Director


Lukonga Lindunda

BongoHive Founder


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Nicole Hughes

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Lusaka Lab

ensuring diverse participation in the new technology economy using lab-based integrative computational experiences.

Through The Triple-E-Method

  • Exposure

    Speaker Series + Documentary Support

  • Education

    Web + Mobile + ElectronicsSupport

  • Entrepreneurship

    Role models + Business Model Creation Support

Method Explained


Students are introduced to web development, mobile development, and hardware/electronics. Guest speakers from industry and academia around the world will inform students of the latest advances in many areas of computer science and communications with a focus on the impact in local and global communities. To reach a national audience , speaker sessions will be video recorded and broadcast nationally. A local media company will capture day-day footage and special events to provide content for the Zamrize documentary.


  • Increase awareness of local and global opportunities in technology
  • Highlight participants in program to inspire other Zambian youth
  • Change attitudes and challenge stereotype around technology fields


Providing hands on training in software development and electronics is a key goal for this initiative. 3 curriculum cycles over 5 months will be available to participants . Each cycle will target 20 participants.

Web Development:

Participants will be taught fundamental web development skills. They will learn based on proven models created to teach high school aged students HTML, CSS, and Javascript -­‐ basic web development languages.

Mobile Development:

Participants will be taught how to create mobile applications that help their communities and can be monetized to generate revenue. Depending on connectivity this instruction will be based on a “develop-once-deploy-to-many framework” that uses HTML, CSS, Javascript to create application that can run on feature phones /smartphones or MIT App Inventor which is being used all over the world to teach novice software developers of all ages how to create applications that run on the Android platform. Since the Android platform powers some of the best smartphones available, students will be able to reach a worldwide audience with their creations.


  • Participants are able to develop web and mobile solutions that address local and global needs
  • Participants can build creative electronic devices


Zamrize will emphasize entrepreneurial thinking and application in curriculum instruction. To inspire the students, entrepreneurs will be invited to talk to them, share valuable lessons, and forge invaluable connections. There will be an emphasis on African entrepreneurs that the students can readily identify with. The Insaka fireside chats started by collaborator BongoHive will provide the needed pipeline of local entrepreneurs.


  • Participants can identify market opportunities and create sustainable value
  • Participants can use skills to start businesses and support existing enterprises

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sustainability is achieved through working with local organizations already mobilizing for Zambian Youth

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